Single Layer Necklace – $110

Multi-Layer Necklace – $225

Large Link Bracelet – $52


Multi-size Hoop Bracelet – $85


Small Double Hoop – $35

Medium Double Hoop – $38


Large Double Hoop – $38

Graduated 3 Hoop Earring – $48

Small, Medium, Small Hoop – $48


Medium, Small, Medium Hoop – $ 48

Large, Medium, Large Hoop – $ 48

Graduated 4 Hoop Earring – $58


About this Collection

These hoops are made from sterling silver wire that has been formed into individual circular links. Links are arranged in various patterns, soldered closed and then hammered on all surfaces to a sparkling finish.


Ordering Options

Available on sterling silver posts or wires. Earrings on posts sit directly on the ear; earrings on wire will hang just below the lobe and add approximately to earrings length.

Standard size bracelet is 7 in length. 8 bracelets are available for an additional $7. Other sizing can be accommodated.


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