I grew up in the Philadelphia area and was lucky enough to go to a high school that offered a silversmithing class as part of their art curriculum. I took my first class in 11th grade and was hooked.

From there, I continued my art education going to Millersville State College first and then finishing my bachelors of Art at Penn State University, switching to a concentration in photography.

After working for a while in various fields, I went to work for my parents who owned an antique jewelry store, and there my love for jewelry re-surfaced. I took a few more jewelry classes and decided that I really wanted to make my own jewelry.

I moved to Washington, DC and began my jewelry business in 1992, selling at Eastern Market and other local venues. I then moved on to exhibiting in juried shows all over the country and also began to wholesale my work- selling to over 100 retail stores across the United States.

Realizing (after 8 years or so), that I was never going to get rich making and selling my own jewelry, I decided that I needed to get another job. I just couldn’t give up on the jewelry completely though, so, I am working full time in a creative position with an exhibit design firm and still making jewelry and doing several shows through out the year.

I’m still enjoying the few shows that I do, and meeting new people at those shows. When I’m not working on museums or jewelry, I’m probably sleeping……or spending time with all the great crafts people who I’ve become friends with over the years.



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